abc Bildungszentrum
English Summer course (A1)- day course

 Dieser Anfängerkurs beinhaltet alle Aspekte des Sprachenlernens, d. h. sowohl Grammatik, Lektüre, Ausdruck und Vokabular, als auch Konversation und Hörverstehen.

 Der Unterricht wird in Englisch gehalten. So tauchen Sie spielerisch in die englische Sprache ein!

The content of the course is so structured that you get a first contact with the English language. In a fun way you practice grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing and speaking. You will be exposure to a wide variety of situations adapted to your needs such as, family, work, housing, health, shopping, etc.

Target group:

Students who need English for professional reasons or for the further development of their linguistic abilities, following the Common European Framework of Reference

Objectives: Capability for independent use of the language in everyday and professional situations. In personalised learning modules developing the language skills you need to achieve your language level.

A1 level

Level: At abc Bildungszentrum we place great emphasis on the most accurate leveling established to ensure your optimal success. The level test is ideally carried out with your application. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

4 weeks, 48 TU


6-12 participants

Trainers: University-educated trainers (only native speakers) with a solid teaching experience.

Mon-Thu, 14:00 to 17:00

Degree: abc certificate
Course fee: € 360,--
All materials are included in the price.